Social Engineering and the Art of Manipulation

Human Factors remain the weakest and by far the most exploited link in enterprise security plans.  The majority of security infrastructures are designed to create walls that do not protect against personnel who are already “inside”.  Social Engineering is the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes and is the tool most effectively utilized by a variety of adversaries to infiltrate public and private businesses.

Social Engineering and the Art of Manipulation is an interactive presentation that will identify threat actors, and the use of various social engineering techniques, to effectively manipulate insiders in accomplishing their goals.  By recognizing these threats, firms can significantly reduce the likelihood of such successful attacks by the implementation of safeguards and awareness training for their personnel.

Foreign governments, criminal elements, unethical competitors, and activists are just a few of the threat actors which seek to breach a firm’s security.  These individuals or groups strive to achieve financial gain through the theft of proprietary information, damaging a firm’s public reputation, or outright sabotage.  Typically the quickest and most effective means to accomplish this breach is through the use of an “insider”.  Such insiders are either willingly or unwittingly recruited as accomplices by such threat actors through the use of social engineering techniques.  These proven techniques are designed to prey upon the motivations and vulnerabilities of individuals which can easily be exploited through the art of manipulation.

Social Engineering and the Art of Manipulation is beneficial to all professionals in all industries from entry level up to senior management and includes:

•  Fraud Awareness and Prevention
•  Fraud Deterrence and Detection
•  Best Practices

This course is facilitated by a former Senior Intelligence Officer within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Click here to learn more.

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